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About Paul Oren

I’ve been covering Valparaiso University athletics for more than two decades. I arrived right after Bryce Drew graduated and I’ve still never seen him shoot a basketball in person, although it was The Shot that led me to Valpo in the first place.

I’m unapologetically a fan of all things Wisconsin and my Twitter account is filled with snarky comments directed toward Cubs and Bears fans. My athletic career ended in eighth grade due to an incredible lack of talent, but I did finish in 826th place at the 2022 World Series of Poker Main Event.

Professionally, I’m a member of the United States Basketball Writers Association. I spent 17 years as an award-winning journalist with the Northwest Indiana Times (I actually spent 16 years where I didn’t win any awards and one year where I think I was the only nominee). “One Shining Moment” is my favorite song and I’ll fight anyone who thinks differently.

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The Victory Bell is a subscription-based newsletter featuring in-depth coverage of Valparaiso University athletics.


Former newspaper scribe who still aims to tell stories. Reporter covering Valparaiso and the Missouri Valley Conference. Member of the United States Basketball Writers Association.