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The Victory Bell: The Videocast

Dr. Charles Small, Valparaiso's new athletic director, joins for debut episode

Welcome to the debut edition of The Victory Bell: The Videocast!

“Union Street Hoops” will return in some capacity in the future, but I wanted to play around with the idea of a videocast that rewards paid subscribers with new content.

Dr. Charles Small joins for the debut episode as we cover a variety of topics during our conversation. Below you’ll find a breakdown of our conversation.

Please send me your thoughts on the videocast as well as any other feedback you have on the site.

0:00 - Introduction

0:20 - First impression of Valparaiso during your interview?

2:36 - Unknowns with taking this job?

4:57 - Have you talked with any of Valpo's student-athletes yet?

5:54 - Important areas to address from the jump?

8:55 - Conversation about the ARC, importance of gameday experience

12:46 - Fundraising!!!

15:28 - How would you have approached NIL as a student-athlete?

18:21 - NIL impact on mid-major vs. Power 5

20:30 - Mental health discussion

23:41 - How important is winning?

25:31 - How will you evaluate job performance?

27:40 - Fun questions with Dr. Small

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